Mixed Media for Textiles – Submission for Assessment

Electronic submission:

  • Learning log. https://fibresofbeing.wordpress.com/textiles-1-mixed-media-for-textiles/
  • Video documentation of final work. In my OCA personal assessment folder, Final Assignments sub-folder.
  • Copies of all tutor reports. In my OCA personal assessment folder, Tutor Reports sub-folder.
  • Physical submission:

    submission in box

    submission in box

    6 handbound books
    1 folder
    6 boxes
    1 cardboard wrapped object

    Ready for packing

    Ready for packing

    My submission for assessment is en route to the UK. In her final formative feedback my tutor expressed an interest in seeing as much actual work as possible. All my assignment submissions have been electronic, via this blog. I have therefore attempted to include as many samples as possible in the package, within the normal constraints of international post.

  • Part 1 book. Link to pdf (for ease of access to referenced blog posts).
    Samples included: p1-25, p1-31, p1-49, p1-55, p1-62, p1-104, p1-114, p1-140, p1-141, p1-142.
  • Part 1 – bag of samples.
    Samples included: p1-1, p1-12, personal extension photo 10.
  • Part 2 book. Link to pdf
    Samples included: p2-2, p2-3, p2-4, p2-9, p2-15, p2-19, p2-21, p2-23, p2-27.
  • Part 2, packed individually: p2-73.
  • Part 3 book. Link to pdf
  • Part 3 – bag of samples
    Samples included: p3-6, p3-10 (adjusted for p3-26, p3-12 (in 2 parts), p3-13, p3-14, p3-32, p3-33 (2 items – duplicated number), plastic sketch of p3-47.
  • Part 3, packed individually: p3-46, p3-47, p3-51.
  • Part 4 book. Link to pdf
    Prints included: p4-8, p4-15, p4-17, p4-22, p4-23, p4-29, p4-34, p4-36, p4-37, p4-45, p4-46, p4-60, p4-70, p4-72, p4-75, p4-76, p4-77, p4-81, p4-85, p4-89, p4-97, p4-104, p4-109, p4-126, p4-128, p4-137, p4-145, p4-146, p4-150, p4-152, p4-160, p4-162, p4-163.
  • Part 5 book. Link to pdf
  • Part 5 sketchbook.
  • Part 5, packed individually: p5-3, p5-4, p5-10, p5-12.
  • Part 5, folder of printed photographs.
    Photos included:
    Trial photographs (4): Samples p5-38 (12 March 2016, black and white), p5-52 (15 March 2016), p5-53 (15 March 2016, watercolour paper), p5-54 (18 March 2016).

    Presentation photographs (6): Most similar to previous samples, but re-cropped and some backgrounds adjusted (to remove gaps and breaks at edges)

  • 1 Response to “Mixed Media for Textiles – Submission for Assessment”

    1. 1 Lottie May 19, 2016 at 5:32 am

      Gosh! You are uber organised. Bon voyage MMT!

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