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T1-MMT-P5-s6 Final photo shoot

Following Formative Feedback from my tutor (8 April 2016) I knew I had to be clearer about my Final Work for Mixed Media for Textiles.

My final work is an installation of a collection of vessels, documented for assessment purposes in video and photographs.

Given I felt I was close to the limits of my tablet video technology, Rebecca’s comments about the growing importance of film in distance learning plus a clearer learning path with OCA, I chose to invest in a new video camera and editing software (details 17 April 2016). A final risk in a risk-embracing course.

Final recording setup

Final recording setup

The arrangement of the objects was close to that seen in my earlier video documentation (15 March 2016). The purpose was to improve the documentation of my final work, not the work itself.

The orientation of the group to the source of daylight was changed, and additional lighting from each side used.

Sample p5-55

Sample p5-55

The plaster samples near the front look a little washed out in the new still photographs. I’m in the process of selecting and printing my final choice of photographs and will probably use some from the earlier session and update this post then.

Sample photographs have been printed on A3 glossy photo paper – one each of black and white, the wrapping photo session and the third photo session – plus one more from the third photo session printed onto a heavy watercolour paper (Stonehenge I think). All the images look better printed than on the computer and I’ll include them in my submission pack as samples. The watercolour version looks softer, a bit less sharp, a bit more textured than the glossy paper. I’ve decided to use the crisper, clearer glossy paper for my formal documentation set.

The video is much clearer, but very jerky as I learn to manage the controls. I’ve spliced together small sections to create the video and it gets rather repetitive. Despite these drawbacks I think it provides improved documentation of my final work, especially as I will be able to upload a higher resolution version to the OCA drive for the assessors.

In addition to the general views there are lots of detail shots, as requested by Rebecca. I hope this provides a clearer record of my installation.

There’s a narration in which I’ve tried to highlight aspects of the installation and the collection. With the detail sections I’ve included inset photos in the corner showing the full sample and its identification.

A larger, higher resolution version has been loaded into my OCA folder for assessment. The smaller version is below.

T1-MMT-P5-s6 Final photo shoot
Textiles 1 – Mixed Media for Textiles
Part 5: A final piece
Stage 6: Prototype/maquette-making
Final photo shoot


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