T1-MMT-P5 Sketchbook update 15-Feb-2016

I’ve noticed this form of sketchbook work and recording is working for me. I’m doing at least a little every day, a mix of research and recording and ideas development. At first blogging the pages seemed like double-work, but instead it’s become a form of reflection and review, looking back over the week’s output.

p5-sketchpage 045; 20160208

p5-sketchpage 045; 20160208

Looking at p5-5 (31-Jan-2016), over two days I did a series of manipulations of photographs in gimp, then a collage – adventurous for me as I always get into a sticky mess. I like the swirly energy of this sample. It also looks good in combination with almost all my other samples, so a strong candidate for the collection.

p5-sketchpage 046; 20160210

p5-sketchpage 046; 20160210

Another sketch of work by Gillian Lowndes. I now have the monograph by Amanda Fielding and am enjoying both the reading and the excellent photos. It’s really progressing my thinking about what and why I make. I can’t find an online picture of this piece, but the colours I’ve used reflect my response, not the original.

p5-sketchpage 047; 20160211

p5-sketchpage 047; 20160211

This goes back to some ideas about columns and corrugated cardboard on sketchbook page 24, 15-Jan-2016 posted 18-Jan-2016. A couple of samples based on it are in progress.

p5-sketchpage 048; 20160212

p5-sketchpage 048; 20160212

A couple of line drawings of samples in different felt tip pens. In Fielding’s book on Gillian Lowndes there is a quote about her use of wire animating a sculpture. Just the word I need to describe the thread in p5-8 and the tangle of melted plastic horsehair in p5-10 (both 14-Feb-2016). In terms of a collection, I’m not sure these two meld – except both have movement and a sort of independence, not bending to societal norms. More arrangements and photographs will come in a later Stage, but just now I’ve picked them up, shifted things around and to my surprise the detailed textured surfaces bring them together.

The next page is only half done, and that shows a yet-to-be-revealed sample, so will wait for the next update.

T1-MMT-P5 Sketchbook update 15-Feb-2016
Textiles 1 – Mixed Media for Textiles
Part 5: A final piece
Sketchbook update 15-Feb-2016

4 Responses to “T1-MMT-P5 Sketchbook update 15-Feb-2016”

  1. 1 Lottie February 20, 2016 at 3:31 am

    Sketchbook pg 45 offers me a lot of interest. I see what you mean about feeling like double work, but when you see the sketchbook page on the screen it helps separate yourself a little to aid the reflection you talk of.

  2. 2 JulieB February 20, 2016 at 4:42 am

    The Gimp images and collage are intriguing, Judy; really intense colour and line.

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