Joyce Fleming – Cultures Interwoven

I recently expressed disquiet about “Cultural Fusion” being more “Cultural Appropriation” (12-Dec-2014). Joyce Fleming shows another way, with respect, a willingness to learn, a meeting and combining without imposition or loss of identity.

“My work involves bringing together fibre arts from two cultures and by showing the origin of the material in the finished work I honour Māori knowledge and customs. I weave the muka into patterns using bobbin lace techniques from my European heritage. My intention is to create an object that explores the creative potential of using knowledge from two different cultures without submerging the identity of either” (Fleming, 2014).

Fleming was prepared to invest time in learning about the material, the traditional methods used, and its meaning, undertaking three 12-week courses. Part of the leaf remains whole, celebrating the works origins.

The image of Cultures Interwoven 2: Changing Perspectives immediately made me think of Constantin Brancusi’s L’Oiseau dans l’espace [Bird in space] c.1931-36 ( Presumably the scales are quite different. I’m also always very interested in shadows, overlaying patterns, and visual changes as the viewer moves around a work. I would love to see it in person.

See Fleming’s work at

Fleming, J. (2014) “A journey with harakeke…” In Textile Fibre Forum Magazine Issue 116, Summer/December 2014.

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