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Jennifer Boldt, OCA postgraduate student and weaver

Jennifer Boldt, a postgraduatestudent of the Open College of the Arts (OCA) from Chicago, Illinois, has been shortlisted in the 3rd International Emerging Artist Award (OCA press release here).

Jennifer’s website:

Jennifer’s work is an exciting, contemporary, use of weaving. This is absolutely the sort of work or approach to work that I want to get to. Even more exciting is that she has chosen to be a student at OCA. The undergraduate course doesn’t seem to have much specifically focused on constructed textiles and I sometimes wonder if my OCA studies are a diversion, an interesting sidetrack. Asked and answered?

Hannah Gadsby’s Oz

I’ve just watched the first episode of this series (on ABC1 Tues, 10:00pm). I’m going to have to watch it quite a few more times – it speaks so directly to some of my current reading and thinking for the OCA course. I hadn’t heard the phrase “scar tissue of history” before and it resonates – except so much of my concern isn’t history, it’s what’s happening today.

Interesting to see the different perspective / emphasis to the 3 part series presented by Edmund Capon last year (

Some of the artists included in Hannah’s episode 1:

Julie Gough

Dan Boyd

Joan Ross

James Turrell Within without 2010

These photos have been sitting on my PC since last November while I tried to fit them into a post about modern art and movements and labels and what is art and … Really, this is Art to be experienced. I don’t want to dissect it or label it.

James Turrell
Within without 2010
lighting installation, concrete and basalt stupa, water, earth and landscaping
National Gallery of Australia
More information:;

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