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T1-MMT-P5-s5 Sorting

In the Sorting stage I would usually select samples that excited me, that I could see had potential for further development. I have far fewer samples to select from in this Part. They were generally larger, more complex and took more time to make and cure than the work in the earlier Parts of the course. Another change is that I’m not intending to develop a particular sample. Instead I want to develop my collection and use groups of them in exploring space and presentation.

This Sorting started by identifying samples that I think don’t have potential for development in terms of contributing to that exploration. Samples p5-1 and p5-2 used polymorph and composimold respectively in combination with resin (31-Jan-2016). The composimold/resin result was intriguing, but the shape has collapsed over the weeks. Samples p5-6 was a limited colour experiment, while p5-9, resin over knitted texture is static in form, dark and heavy (14-Feb-2016).

I see potential in all the other samples produced in this part (and even remain open to p5-9 in the right combination). A very standard presentation:

Part 5 samples

Part 5 samples

There are possibilities, but I am much more excited when thinking and looking more broadly. Why limit myself to the final samples? The course notes state “this final part of the course is designed to bring together all you’ve learned during this course”. My final samples all developed directly from earlier work, and some of them actually incorporate earlier samples. I’m going to extend my possibilities, my exploration, by extending my set of samples – bringing together any developed during the course.

Sorting - extended set

Sorting – extended set

Object balance exerciseThe focus will be on experimenting with small groups of objects and documenting results in photographs, building on my research of Gillian Lowndes (26-Feb-2016). There may be some new making as well if an opportunity is identified and time allows. I am interested in working with the 3D pen again. Its lines could work to animate compositions in a way similar to Lowndes’ use of wire.

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next.

T1-MMT-P5-s5 Sorting
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