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Energizing objects investigation – 3


Grandma was a proud woman of the north, a Master Cutler in her family line, steel in her veins. Now in the south, we caught a bus into town, eyes straight ahead as we walked past the “loitering youths” (a nervous – making presence, subject of many warnings), to The Bon, the big store. Scissors. We searched. We asked. No Sheffield steel. None.

I’d never seen Grandma so upset, almost arguing. How is this possible? No Sheffield steel in your store!

Walking back, I had never seen her so tired. Sad. Lost.

Notes: Cutlery, corrugating tool, aluminium strip. A chance combination of items on the worktable.

More energizing objects.

  • Balance to create motion
  • A sideways step through memory
  • Process, objects…
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