Glossary investigation – Quiver

Unbalance: Quiver

1490 Caxton Eneydos

        “Dido quyvered & shoke of grete rage.”


        Red haze
        Choke in throat
        Tears threatening
        Incoherent thoughts
        Bitter barbs



Notes: I was drawn to this quote in part because of mention of Dido in Float, a work by Anne Carson that we discussed in the Creative Research group.

I made the copper wire form in while in Hobart with the group, as an illustration of balance. Representing Aeneas it turns with freedom around the pivot. As Dido, options are curtailed, movement constrained.

More glossary entries
Structure based on lists

  • Glossary as a list of words connected with unbalance
  • Oxford English Dictionary used as source of quotations, not definitions
  • Making, motion, and photo documentation in response to quote
  • Text response in a list
  • Process notes
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