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Glossary investigation – Unballast

Unbalance: Unballast

1586 B. Young The Civile Conversation of M Stephen Guazzo

        “He..without anie more words unballanced the ship.”

        1st paycheque – an Antler suitcase

        £75 ticket – no place as a £10 Pom

        6 weeks – the rocking ship (sick until Gibraltar)

        2 years – stretched to a lifetime

Notes:The first attempt in an intended series. An investigation of un-balance – an infinite series of adjustments.

Structure based on lists – the Glossary as a list of words; text response in a list. Making and recording of un-balanced in action.

Initial text from Oxford English Dictionary – a translation by Bartholomew Young. The boat form was made in a workshop with Mary Hettmansperger (17-Sep-2018). Printed words in ballast net from Stephano Guazzo, La civil conversatione:La civil conversatione: divisa en quattro libri on Response list based on my mother’s memories of coming to Australia. On the learning curve in use of technology.

More glossary entries
Structure based on lists

  • Glossary as a list of words connected with unbalance
  • Oxford English Dictionary used as source of quotations, not definitions
  • Making, motion, and photo documentation in response to quote
  • Text response in a list
  • Process notes

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