Workshops with Mary Hettmansperger

Three days, two workshops back to back, spent in the company of fellow NSW Basketry Association members, inspired and led by Mary Hettmansperger – what a fabulous experience! The first two days were Sculptural Basketry – soft materials, the third Sculpture, Surfaces & alternative designs in Baskets & Vessels.

In physical terms there isn’t much to show for it:
There is some waxed linen thread, coloured with acrylic paints. This is the only thing you could term “finished” – and it’s a potential input into other projects.

Painted linen thread

A small, unfinished sample of twining. Lots of ideas here including the shaping, internal stiffening with modpodge, three rod wale, the painted linen, a bridge to create two tubes…

Twining wip

A barely started form in aviary wire, with three rows of knotting and the intended twining yet to begin.

Knotting wip

A complex form created with wire, pantyhose, glue and dress-making patterns, full of potential.

Bizarre form wip

Looping on a twisted and hammered wire form, progressing quite well.

Looping wip

All exciting in their own way and with their own potential, but the most exciting thing is my notebook, filled with ideas and lists and diagrams with arrows.

Mary’s underlying approach is just what I’ve been working on – creating components over time, ready as input to a faster, intuitive construction process. There were periods of quiet work throughout the days, punctuated with demonstrations by Mary when she threw out ideas, techniques, possibilities, alternatives… We all chose different things to experiment with over the time – I don’t think it would be possible to do it all. There was lots of metal play which I haven’t tried yet. I have lots of notes and photos, and plan to do my experimenting at home with the tools, materials and setup I already have.

A final photo – of Mary’s work with my own twist. Mary brought with her a lot of the jewellery she makes – but no earrings! Unacceptable!!! So two neckpieces came home with me and have since been appropriately modified. 🙂

Mary Hettmansperger neckpieces earrings

11 Responses to “Workshops with Mary Hettmansperger”

  1. 1 kath September 17, 2018 at 8:27 pm

    love all of these, plenty to work with going forwards.

  2. 3 Claire B September 18, 2018 at 11:07 am

    Looks like it was a great few days and super inspiring! Love the earrings.

    • 6 fibresofbeing September 21, 2018 at 11:46 pm

      Thanks for the link Kath.
      Timing and context has such an impact on our responses. I’ve see images of Asawa’s work before, but it didn’t draw me in. Now I see lots of correspondences to things I’ve been thinking about – although to be honest it’s still a bit too perfect for me. I’d love to actually walk around and through them, an unworldly forest.

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