Grid / depth weaving progress

dimensional weave

dimensional weave

26-June I mentioned a plan for a corrugated metal and much crisper/neater version of the cardboard and fibreglass sample I showed 12-June-2016.

Here it is.

dimensional weave sample 20160708

dimensional weave sample 20160708

The frame uses an aluminium framing system intended for insect screens.The corrugated cardboard has been replaced by embossing-weight aluminium embossing foil, the fibreglass insect mesh by aluminium insect mesh.

Both the foil and the mesh responded well to the crimping tool. The framing system worked very well to keep the strip ends firmly in place.

I like the idea of a surreal fly-screen.

Some more views.

The major ideas which might be coalescing at the moment:

Formal strategies
* weave structures
* corrugations – creating light, shadow and movement. Also firm up the loops.
* metal – reflections

To explore ideas of
* Fontana’s infinite dimension – “[cutting] between the space occupied by the viewer, through the surface of the canvas, to the space that lies beyond” (12-Jun-2016)
* The orthogonal – exploring / breaking that constraint? constant? in weave
* gravity – partner to orthogonal.

Layered charcoal

Layered charcoal

It looks much lighter and more open than the cardboard sample. The scale is larger, the looping exaggerated, and the reflection of the metal corrugations seems very important. They are near parallel, but keep changing and cutting directions. This became more apparent when sketching the work.

The frame is visually light. It defines a plane, but is supportive rather than insistent.

What’s next?
* Rearranging the metal sample to various areas of looseness and more grid-like.
* Trying different materials through the crimper. I’d like to take better advantage of the reflections.
* I want to do grid-influenced sketching. Don’t know what that means yet.
* Frames within frames? Can I extend this structure?

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