Weekly roundup – a new rhythm?

It’s a time of transition for me. Mixed Media for Textiles is in the wrap up stage. I don’t want to rush choices about medium term goals. In the interim I’ve decided to experiment with a life of following different strands, going to what interests me most at any time. However I like structure and want to hold myself to account. A weekly review of where I am, what I’ve been doing, feels a good discipline. It might make for boring blog posts, but it (potentially) suits my needs – so feel free to move on 🙂

Paper yarn project.
This idea comes from Ruth Hadlow’s workshop – trying an exercise for a month (25-Feb-2016). My brief to myself:
* use a piece of paper that comes to hand during the day;
* make yarn and incorporate into coiling;
* record – photograph, paper type.

No idea where if anywhere this will take me. The first two days were a simple flat round, with a little shaping beginning on day 3.

Lectures, exhibitions, performances

  • Contemporary philosphers discuss contemporary art. AGNSW. Damien Freeman, Derek Matravers, Simon Longstaff. Lots of notes, but nothing to fit into a brief paragraph.
  • Biennale floor talk. AGNSW.
  • Performance in Dogwalk, by Mella Jaarsma. AGNSW. Part of Biennale.
  • Mella Jaarsma Dogwalk (in performance)

    Mella Jaarsma
    Dogwalk (in performance)

  • Performance – Benoît Lachambre, part of ghost telephone, a month long chain performance at AGNSW for the Biennale. For ten days Lachambre will perform, responding to Doris Salcedo’s Atrabiliarios (mentioned in post 30-Jan-2016). Lachambre moved (inadequate word) around the space, sometimes using masking tape to form a pattern or record something known only to him. After the performance the tape was removed, as will be done each day. Fascinating to watch, and in review it recalls my wrapping of space to record shadows (31-Jul-2015).
  • Benoit Lachambre

    Benoît Lachambre

  • Biennale exhibition at MCA and AGNSW (see 3-Apr-2016)
  • Exhibition – The Charged Object: soft sculpture and the aesthetics of touch at Gallery Lane Cove (1-Apr-2016)
  • Reading
    Multiple books on the go, depending on where I am.

  • The Falkenstein Foundation (2012) Claire Falkenstein Los Angeles: The Falkenstein Foundation
  • Fer, B. (1997) On abstract art New Haven and London: Yale University Press
  • Plus looking rather than reading – a new acquisition, on sale at MCA bookstore but still an indulgence –
    Petzinger, R. and Rosen, B. (2006) EVA HESSE: CATALOGUE RAISONNE New Haven and London: Yale University Press
    This is in two volumes, one painting, one sculpture. Very exciting to leaf through, watching development over time, the explorations with particular materials…

    Limited. Some bits and pieces related to Mixed Media for Textiles, so I’ll do a separate post on that.

    It’s taken longer than I expected to write this up. Now I have a framework, it should go more easily once I settle into a rhythm. Most weeks aren’t so active.

    6 Responses to “Weekly roundup – a new rhythm?”

    1. 2 Inger Inanna Weidema April 7, 2016 at 4:10 pm

      whhhoa thats an impressive week. and a good idea with a write up.

      • 3 fibresofbeing April 8, 2016 at 11:25 pm

        A very unusual week! This week has been much quieter while I recover – I’m strangely lacking in energy 🙂

    2. 4 Lottie April 10, 2016 at 5:19 pm

      Good plan this round up. From here it is no small wonder you’re energy is down! You’ve been doing a lot in different directions and some endings without the security of next beginnings on the horizon.

      • 5 fibresofbeing April 10, 2016 at 9:16 pm

        Yes, it creates some stability for me. I expect it will refine over time, but hoping it will work a little like a day book, a resource to return to.

    1. 1 The ongoing adventure | Fibres of Being Trackback on September 15, 2016 at 2:35 am

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