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T1-MMT-P5-s6 Third photo shoot

At the end of the last post I had a plan. To keep myself on track I sketched out some do’s and don’ts.

The next day I went out fresh, set up floor, background, concrete chunks, the best lighting I could manage, took breaks when indicated… Not easy. In the end I got two photographs which approach what I was looking for.

Sample p5-52

Sample p5-52
Click image for larger view

The photo is a larger size than usual, so you can see the textures if you wish. I’m very happy with the mix of textures, the mix of materials. There’s asymmetry and I see the tilt of the plaster vessel first. It takes some time to see the slightly precarious situation of the other vessel.

Sample p5-53

Sample p5-53
Click image for larger view

I was interested in coming right out of the picture towards the viewer, but I’m not convinced by this photo. To me it’s a positive that my eye doesn’t move around smoothly – that fits with the idea of teetering, off-balance. It would be better if the top slab was tilted, as if about to tip off to the left. There’s actually just of sliver of light visible, but too subtle.

Next I went back to the concept of a pile of objects, experimenting with space.

I am ambivalent about this video. Hopefully it gives an idea of the space created, the interaction of different pieces. I see more when I watch it again – for example in a section on glorious failure I see orange in the object, picked up from other pieces nearby. I think the environment and props enhance the collection.

On the other hand the video itself is poor quality, the picture shaky, transitions clumsy (I pieced it together from a dozen shorter videos filmed). I believe it is as good as I could achieve with current expertise, my tablet, domestic lighting, and free software.

Overall valuable experimentation.

T1-MMT-P5-s6 Third photo shoot
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Third photo shoot


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