T1-MMT-P5 Sketchbook update 31-Jan-2016

Sketchbook work is continuing, at least a little each day. As the assignment progresses it’s becoming a satisfying mix of research, ideas, and at last recording my own samples.

p5-sketchpage 034; 20160125

p5-sketchpage 034; 20160125

Some final notes on ideas from previous assignments. The sketch of work of June Schwarcz influenced the design of sample p5-4 (31-Jan-2016) – inept, but with promise. I’d like to follow up this research.

p5-sketchpage 035; 20160127

p5-sketchpage 035; 20160127

I’ve already written about Fiona Hall’s work Slash and Burn (30-Jan-2016). Moving and shocking. Also a great example of contemporary textile work (although Hall uses a very wide range of techniques, materials and influences in her work).

p5-sketchpage 036; 20160128

p5-sketchpage 036; 20160128

I am very excited about Gillian Lowndes’ work and have been trying to track down more images and information. Beautiful and inspiring. On this page I did a line drawing sketch, influenced by my tutor’s suggestion to explore my prints using line drawings. There are also some notes from the videos on the V&A website showing artists commenting on Lowndes’ Cup on base piece. A proper research post will follow.

p5-sketchpage 036 a; 20160129

p5-sketchpage 036 a; 20160129

Using a process taught by Graham Marchant (24-Jan-2016) I traced a photograph of Gillian Lowndes’ Cup on base in preparation for a watercolour. I found it very useful in Graham’s class to work with a single inspiration source for an extended time, really getting to know it and seeing more and more.

p5-sketchpage 036 b; 20160129

p5-sketchpage 036 b; 20160129

I spent a couple of days on the actual watercolour. I got mixed up in the layers of clay, my lights and darks muddled so the effect is lost. On the other hand there are some parts that work – for example the corner of the top layer.

p5-sketchpage 037; 20160129

p5-sketchpage 037; 20160129

A little more on Gillian Lowndes. Some desperate calculations when working on p5-5, and a sketch of the sample itself, trying to capture the frenzy.

T1-MMT-P5 Sketchbook update 31-Jan-2016
Textiles 1 – Mixed Media for Textiles
Part 5: A final piece
Sketchbook update 31-Jan-2016

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