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T1-MMT-P5-s1 Review – Part 3

An update on progress with very brief notes to avoid too much duplication. Most of this work was done while in Bathurst, before or after concentrated days in the class studio. A mix of the next stage, Research, is included.

p5-sketchpage 026 20160116

p5-sketchpage 026; 20160116

Ideas of dribbling resin, playing with scale, the nature of a “collection” (not all prima donnas), fragility, joining, display (interest from every angle).

p5-sketchpage 027 20160117

p5-sketchpage 027; 20160117

How to display change over time; dynamic collection; hidden, revealed; contrasts; in assignment 3 sorting saw greatest potential in materials and combinations; want to sample with a list of questions, not fixed ends or answers; how to link items; vessels and space.

p5-sketchpage 028 20160118

p5-sketchpage 028; 20160118

Embedded materials; using dremel tool (from Graham Marchant class); lighting; colouring resin; themes of loss, change, the edge of violence and trauma, or resilience; make every sample count; plaster on crumpled paper; resin to embed fragments of plaster.

p5-sketchpage 029 20160119

p5-sketchpage 029; 20160119

Resin (or other materials) as mortar; 3 simple ideas can be enough; an aside – listenning to TED talks on where ideas come from; using some prints as basis of vessels.

p5-sketchpage 030 20160121

p5-sketchpage 030; 20160121

Elizabeth Lundberg Morisette. Collection of vessels – the power of many with small differentiation, compared to a smaller group where each piece has an individual presence.

p5-sketchpage 031 20160121

p5-sketchpage 031; 20160121

More TED talks and research. Tina Vlassopules. Simple basic form repeated with variation. The photograph is beautiful, but I don’t think it would be as strong in a space.

p5-sketchpage 032 20160123

p5-sketchpage 032; 20160123

Adam Frezza and Terri Chiao. Another example of the differences between grouped and individual display. Very different results.

p5-sketchpage 033 20160124

p5-sketchpage 033; 20160124

Susan Amann. A beautiful join in raku vessel using basket weave. Perhaps something like that could be my linking element.

Finally finished working through past posts for the Review. Assignment 4 was less rich in ideas, but will be important when sampling and recording. Themes of boundaries, open possibilities, uncertainty, layers of time. Contrasts of texture. My strong interest in a collection of cast plaster, recast in print. Marks in the surface. Joins.

Now I need to pull together ideas from the Review to take forward. I started the process with the idea of a collection of vessels, and despite other possibilities that remains my preferred option – although “vessel” has blurred with “object”. However I have developed a lot of questions/options around the kind of collection, the kind(s) of vessel, and the means of display.

T1-MMT-P5-s1 Review – Part 3
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