T1-MMT-P3-p2 Holiday sketchbook

Last week I was away on the south coast for a few days of relaxation. Naturally the new drawing materials came with me. The holiday was great. The sketching was fun and absorbing – until I looked at the results and wondered what I’ve been doing the past few years. In the spirit of recording and reflecting on failures as well as success…

sketch_20150922aI can’t complain about inspiration, waking up to that view (actually that’s one small part of the 180 degree views from ocean front and right, across bay, to mountains not seen here on left).

sketch 20150922a

sketch 20150922a

Working on colour matching, drawing on my android tablet. Looking across the bay towards the mountains at dusk. No detail, just light airbrushing, but I was pretty happy with the colours, especially the transition from mountain to sky.

sketch 20150922b

sketch 20150922b

Wax crayons on A3 cartridge paper. Not too bad, focusing on colour mixing, texture, two particular trees against the background of smaller, barer trees just to the left of the photo above. There’s some movement in the main trees, and the rhythm of the other tree trunks. My idea was to apply a wash for background glimpses of sea, sky and land.

sketch 20150922c

sketch 20150922c

Applying a wash was not the right choice of technique over water soluble crayon. Or rather, I should have used different crayons for the original drawing. Some mildly interesting water marks, but basically a blurry mess.

sketch 20150922d

sketch 20150922d

Trying to get some value out of the previous disaster, I put on lots of colour that may or may not have been in the ocean, and tried moving the colour around and creating texture. Looking for a positive, maybe this could be used as a background sometime. Perhaps I could collage some tissue over first.

sketch 20150922e

sketch 20150922e

The markings of the fish on the dinner menu reminded me of that rhythm of tree trunks, so I tried using that as my base. The idea of the fish (at a different scale!) swimming in the ocean behind seemed a nice touch. Realising the strong original design would want to take over I used oil pastels, hoping for decent coverage. I think it nearly, nearly works – but doesn’t work. I felt my observational skills were improving, it was an absorbing problem, I’m really liking working with the oil pastels – so if I focus on the process and not the outcome, OK.

sketch 20150922f

sketch 20150922f

An unfinished sketch of a banksia pod, this time in the water resistant wax pastels. Obviously I was just mucking around with colour. I was planning to do more and finish with another attempt at a wash, but ran out of time. Just as well, while there was still some life and movement and lightness to it. The lower right area where I worked more has gone very dull and bland.

sketch 20150922g

sketch 20150922g

Naturally I was also thinking about the next round of casting samples, making quick notes and sketches as ideas came. I’ve been home a couple of days and have attempted a few of them. More on that in another post.

T1-MMT-P3-p2 Holiday sketchbook
Textiles 1 – Mixed Media for Textiles
Part 3: Molding and casting
Project 2: Casting the internal space of a vessel
Holiday sketchbook

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