T1-MMT-P3-p2 Casting sketchbook

Attempts continue to expand my range of mediums when sketching. Inspired by fellow OCA student Sally Harrison (link to just one of her exciting posts) I’ve acquired a range of oil pastels, water-resistant wax pastels, and water-soluble wax pastels, all from Caran D’Ache. Together with my existing Conté crayons that should give me lots of drawing options.

sketch 20150914a

sketch 20150914a

Above are first baby steps with all four mediums, on pastel paper. I started with the nice line from the 3D pen on sample p3-26. The oil pastel is particularly luscious, so I continued with that looking at the bubble-wrap based sample p2-23 (on the left in blues). Liking very much the quality of lines I was getting, I tried a more blended approach still with oil, looking at sample p3-25. All samples are from 6-September-2015.

sketch_20150914 b

sketch_20150914 b

The second sketch continues with the oil pastels, my new tool of choice. Wanting to extend my repertoire of drawing base this is A3 kraft paper, an old favourite but varied given previous use as a drop cloth in other sketching, followed by a rough coat of gesso. The sketch itself was thinking about future molding options – this is a computer motherboard, and I’m wondering about its use to create surface design on a molding sample. Doing the sketch I became more aware of all the colours used on the board – on first glance it looks drab, but there is a lot going on!

sketch_20150914 c

sketch_20150914 c

Going a step further, and still within my recurring computer component theme, the base here is cut from the box of a graphics board. Glossy and dark, I wondered if any of the new mediums could handle it. The wax pastels gave a lively line and clung to the difficult surface well, but didn’t have enough coverage to cope with the busy printed design. Back to the oil pastels. The subject above was a piece of bubble wrap draped on my worktable. It’s on the “definite” list for future molding sampling.

sketch 20150914 d

sketch 20150914 d

Back with wax pastels, this is looking at sample p3-33. I thought the finer, still lively lines would suit the delicate energy of the sample. The base is a toned gray sketching paper and my focus was reflected light. The paper was a poor choice, looking dull and drab rather than the bright sparkle of the sample. I’m also not taking advantage of the properties of my new mediums, so will need to start experimenting with layering washes.

T1-MMT-P3-p2 Casting sketchbook
Textiles 1 – Mixed Media for Textiles
Part 3: Molding and casting
Project 2: Casting the internal space of a vessel
Casting sketchbook

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