T1-MMT-P3 Molding and casting – Artist Research: Victoria Ferrand Scott

Victoria Ferrand Scott

Victoria Ferrand Scott Together

Victoria Ferrand Scott

Victoria Ferrand Scott is primarily a sculptor, but also works in video, drawing, photography, mixed media and more.

ictoria Ferrand Scott Compress and Expand

Victoria Ferrand Scott
Compress and Expand

At first look I found her work in concrete confronting – so visceral, smooth curves and bulges, suggestive. When working at Leeds University as a Leverhulme Trust Artist in Residence ribaldry was a common reaction to one of her experimental forms. On learning more it’s not surprising. Ferrand Scott describes her work as “exploring processes which harness the natural forces of gravity, pressure and elasticity to create sculptures which bulge with their own visceral life.” Flexible containers are created from latex or fabric, filled with liquid concrete, and allowed to hang and and take its unpredictable form, with an occasional reinforcing bar added in potentially weak areas. That description isn’t too far from a sagging human body.

Victoria Ferrand Scott

Victoria Ferrand Scott

Ferrand Scott has shared her exploratory approach in the online process log of her Residency (link). This included an extensive series using different water/cement ratios and various additives in concrete, seeking combinations that gave the properties she required.

Molds were sewn using a variety of textiles. The grain of the fabric, seam treatment and placement of supporting bindings all influenced the final form taken by the casts. In some samples the texture or printing on the textile left impressions, although the print transfer was regarded as a non-permanent effect.

Victoria Ferrand Scott BS Series

Victoria Ferrand Scott
BS Series

In my current course we are encouraged to take risks, to learn from failures and move on. Weight was an issue, particularly when Ferrand Scott moved to larger pieces, and attempts using different aggregates to lighten forms were unsatisfactory. She moved on to the next idea, designing more complex molds with apertures, thus reducing dead weight. This brought its own challenges of structural integrity and placement of reinforcing. It also made a striking change in the forms produced.

In her log Ferrand Scott notes “the first reminds me of Polynesian figurative artefacts, the next has more of an alien character with an extended head and narrow arms. It fascinates me how little is needed in an upright form for it to suggest a standing figure.” An interesting observation in itself, and also an example of an aspect of her approach that attracts me, that accords with my own desire for narrative in a work. All the artworks (as distinct from sampling) are titled. I don’t know when in the process the names were chosen, but many had me looking again at the piece and seeing more in them.

Reading through the material provided by Victoria Ferrand Scott provided links to other sites. A number are no longer active, but I’ve included a few links below to a student workshop and exhibition which has some exciting forms.

In terms of my own exploration, ideas of sewing molds, playing with seams and grain are very enticing. On the other hand I’ve decided that the complexities and choices in working with concrete are too complex for the scale of my current project.

All images reproduced by kind permission of the artist.


http://www.axisweb.org/p/victoriaferrandscott/ – Artist’s website

http://tinyurl.com/vfscott-AIR – Entry page for Leverhulme Trust Artist in Residence website. Includes a link to Ferrand Scott’s monthly process log.

Other links
http://sites.eca.ed.ac.uk/fabricformedconcrete/exhibitions/the-cast-exhibition/ The Cast Exhibition – in Edinburgh, showing outcomes of a 2 week workshop in 2012 involving architecture, textiles and glass.



T1-MMT-P3 Molding and casting – Artist Research: Victoria Ferrand Scott
Textiles 1 – Mixed Media for Textiles
Part 3: Molding and casting
Artist Research: Victoria Ferrand Scott

2 Responses to “T1-MMT-P3 Molding and casting – Artist Research: Victoria Ferrand Scott”

  1. 1 Lottie August 27, 2015 at 6:26 am

    Particularly taken by the ‘BS series’ shot. These forms are so tactile – like a child I want to reach and touch them and climb over them and squeeze through the gaps between. Imagine a playground populated by these ‘people’. What quality of play would ensue?

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