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T1-MMT-P2 Joining and Wrapping Research – Judith Scott

figure_moodboardJudith Scott’s work was first mentioned in this blog when it appeared on my moodboard for the final project in A Creative Approach (28-December-2012). It’s that figure-like binding in the centre at the top. To me it looked like a trapped and tortured figure, fitting with my theme on Aged Care. I don’t know what it meant for Scott. She was born with Down syndrome, possibly due to early childhood illness was deaf, and never spoke. Her life story included a long, harrowing period and her creativity wasn’t expressed until later in life when she went to live with her twin sister.

Sketch 20150529 detail

Sketch 20150529 detail

Is the interpretation of torture from my mindset at the time? In May researching for this Part of the course my attention was caught by a different work illustrated in the same book, Mary Schoeser’s Textiles. Shown here is my research sketch (detail of page previously blogged 31-May-2015). Surely that must be auto-biographical.

Writing this now I’m thinking more about my own reactions and choices, why they change over time. Because I’ve changed again. Now I find a chair, bound together with bicycle wheel rim and what looks like a woven bamboo basket fascinating (image at and on my pinterest board). It’s not the colours, which I find a bit drab, unlike some other works by Scott. There isn’t the strong emotion, negative and positive, that I’ve found in the works mentioned earlier. There’s something about the unexpected, random combination which doesn’t feel random. I think I’m seeing a change in myself under the influence of the current course. Deeply considering the implications of wrapping a wooden spoon could have that effect.

Sample p2-37

Sample p2-37

I like that you can tell the scale of the work. A chair, bicycle rim and bowl will exist within a certain size range. Other pieces can give a jolt when they are photographed so you can see many are around adult human size. Sample p2-37 helped me to see a wooden spoon – to stop, and see the shape and size of that particular spoon. Our visual system has so many shortcuts and assumptions and leaves out what isn’t “required”. I can’t make assumptions, I have no meaningful conventions when looking at Scott’s work. I don’t know what she meant by it and I’m not able to read my own meaning into it. It makes me stop, and look, and think, and wonder, and see things around me a little differently afterwards.

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Shoeser, M. (2012) Textiles: The art of mankind. London: Thames & Hudson Ltd.

T1-MMT-P2 Joining and Wrapping Research – Judith Scott
Textiles 1 – Mixed Media for Textiles
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