UA1-WA:P2 Part 2 Review

At times it felt like I’d never do it, but I’ve finished the work for Part 2. Time for a review.

First some general comments:
My first post for Part 1 was 17 March and the Review 30 June – 3.5 months. The first post for Part 2 was 8 July and this Review end November – almost 5 months. I need to reverse the trend! Admittedly I started work on Part 3 before finishing Part 2, due to a problem with my town house visit and the trip to Canberra which was focused on works related to Part 3. I’m aiming to finish Part 3 by the end of January – just 2 months. Ambitious, but I think necessary to give it an honest try.

For the few exercises with word limits I go way over. I probably need to edit more carefully – but that would be still more time. Perhaps I research more than appropriate for this level of study. I’ll have to ask my tutor for his comments.

One major goal has been to see as much work as I can in person. It might mean I’m studying “minor” works or sometimes straying outside the course boundaries, but I’m convinced of the value and importance of experiencing work directly. I’ve also tried to bring an Australian flavour to my choices. Is this a narrow, nationalistic attitude? I’d like to think it’s more about making my studies relevant to my own life.

Anticipating possible comments from my tutor, I am confused about the difference between an “annotation” and an “analysis”. I went back through the course notes and there seems to be a significant overlap in requirements. Hopefully what I’ve done is sufficient, but if not there’s the opportunity to adjust things before final assessment (which is a long way away!).

Next the assessment criteria:
Demonstration of subject based knowledge and understanding. My knowledge continues to grow and I feel I am learning lots, quickly. On the other hand it never feels enough – on a course of this scope there’s a limit to the depth possible. I feel this course is giving me a framework of understanding which I will continue to develop, deepen and expand for the rest of my life.
Demonstration of research skills. I believe this is an area of strength. I’ve been able to find some really interesting material, online and in printed books. I’m also learning more of the resources available to me, such as the wonderful library at the NSW Art Gallery.
Demonstration of critical and evaluation skills. I’m definitely becoming more confident about developing a point of view and expressing it. It feels a little exposed on a public blog, because I’m sure some of what I write is nonsense, naive or just plain wrong. It would be great to have the opportunity to debate concepts with others, I could learn a lot from it, but at the moment I can’t see a way of making that happen for myself.
Communication. A mixed bag here. I think sometimes I write too much – so many words that no-one could wade through it all. There’s just so much that I find interesting (apparently one of my favourite words!) and I want to capture it all. I try not to stray off topic too badly, but this is my blog and learning log and I find it a really useful ongoing resource so allow myself some latitude. When it comes to assessment time I’ll have to produce some nice information boards and that will be the time to really focus. (I also split infinitives. I’m a moderately modern woman.)

The above seems a little nice to myself, but I really do believe I am working hard, learning lots, having fun, and very much meeting my personal objectives. Whether that meets course, tutor and assessor objectives is a different question – and not mine to answer.

The actual Part 2 Assignment asks for some of the specific reports done plus allows for my selection. This was really hard. I’ve really enjoyed working on the annotations and I don’t want to choose. I hope my tutor is happy with what I’ve done – and if not, it’s another learning opportunity (even if not a favourite one). Links to the various assignment parts and my submission can be seen at

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