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UA1-WA:P1-p3 Project 3 Review

When reviewing my work on Project 1 (26-May-2013) I concluded with the unattractive prospect of increased discipline and focus. Happily discipline and focus turn out to be not such bad things after all and I am happy with what I’ve achieved in the last month.

Links to material on Project 3 (ordered as in the course notes, rather than as attempted):

researchpoint_01* Research point – Romanesque buildings in Britain. 13-June-2013

This took the form of some sketches based on photographs in books and on the internet.

* Exercise – Pugin on Gothic. 20-June-2013

I was struck by some wording in the course textbook which suggested to me some ambivalence about the man. Pugin’s work in design and architecture was underpinned by his strong religious and moral convictions. I found links to the Pragmatic and Expressive aesthetic movements. Always looking for a local connection, I was pleased to find an Australian link to Pugin.

matins* Exercise – Annotate a Gothic image 22-June-2013

For this exercise I selected an illumination in a Book of Hours held in the State Library of Victoria (that local connection!). It was interesting to identify some of the symbols that would have held meaning for the original owner, and to speculate on who that may have been. I was fortunate to find another similar version that was produced for a much more exalted person.

* Visit – a Gothic church 10-June-2013

headsSt Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney is a Victorian Gothic church designed by William Wilkinson Wardell.

The daughter of bellringers, I have been familiar with this building all my life. It was fascinating to see it from such a different perspective and to learn more about its history.

UA1-WA:P1-p3 Project 3 Review
Understanding Art 1 – Western Art.
Part one: Classical and religious art.
Project three: Religious art.
Topic: Review


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