OCA day trip

A few weeks ago the Sydney-ish OCA students got together for a day trip to Mittagong, a couple of hours drive south.

barbara_rogers_01Our stated goal was Parallels, an exhibition of Barbara Rogers’ work at the Sturt Gallery. Barbara is well known for her work in shibori. In this exhibition she explores the stripe, through a wide variety of shibori techniques, layering, and a little stitching.

barbara_rogers_02Barbara chose silk – organza and charmeuse – for all the work included here. She uses azoic dyes (in her documentation with the exhibition Barbara is clearly aware of and actively manages any health or environmental concerns).

The presentation of the resulting fabrics was beautiful. Lengths were layered and hung together suspended from the ceiling. Very simple and very effective. Walking around the room felt a little like walking through the dappled light in a forest – with some very unusual trees!

barbara_rogers_03The layering of the organza, creating combinations of patterns and moirĂ© effects, was fascinating. The gallery had shafts of natural light coming through the high windows, but unfortunately I don’t have a good photograph showing the magic that happened when the layers were backlit. Hopefully you can see the variety and interest that Barbara has been able to achieve using very simple geometric shapes – just lines and rectangles. Some really interesting rhythmic effects.

For me the highlight of the day wasn’t the exhibition, even though I found it intriguing and enjoyable. The real hit was spending time with my fellow students. Distance learning can be tough, so having the opportunity to chat with others who understand is incredibly valuable – energizing, supportive and fun. We’re hoping to set up semi-regular critiquing sessions, and having that direct, personal, (somewhat) objective input and discussion of our work could really help us each push ourselves.

For another take on the day see Claire’s blog entry of 14-June here, plus her entry of 21-June here where the experience has influenced some of her print assignment work.

1 Response to “OCA day trip”

  1. 1 kath July 6, 2013 at 9:30 pm

    it was a great day Judith! yes, it helps a lot to meet up with others from the course. so many new discoveries

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