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OCA gathering in Sydney

Today we had the third Sydney gathering of OCA textile students.

In May last year (see 20-May-2012) Claire and I had a very formal Textile Study Visit to the Regeneration exhibition at the Manly Art Gallery and Museum.

In October we returned to Manly to QUARANTA AUSTRALIS (see 7-Oct-2012), this time joined by Jacky who was visiting from England at the time.

oca_sydney_01Today the group grew to four – from left to right are Kath, Eva, Claire and me. Kath and Eva are just beginning their OCA experience while Claire has completed A Creative Approach and continued on to Exploring Ideas.

We didn’t have a specific exhibition to visit or activity planned. Instead we spent some time over tea and coffee getting to know each other and sharing stories about textiles, architecture, travel, OCA, the postal service… We each have different backgrounds and it was great to share such a pleasant and relaxed time together.

oca_sydney_02Kath had to leave to catch a flight to Melbourne, but Claire, Eva and I were able to head across the road to the Art Gallery of NSW. Claire has been working on a theme of Totems, and here is photographing a group of works in the Entrance court (for more information on the individual works see [Accessed 16-Mar-2013], which covers all the works currently on display in the court). [An aside: in the past Gallery policy has had restrictions on which works can be photographed. The policy has very recently been revised and most restrictions lifted.]

Distance learning can be a lonely thing at times, so it is great to have a growing local contingent. More gatherings, with both social and formal Study Visit components, are definitely on the To Do list.


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