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Small tapestries – Yvonne Eade

Yesterday was ATASDA NSW’s quarterly meeting. Lots of chat, fun and inspiration.  The branch has been going through a process of consultation and planning, and the energy and enthusiasm in the room was infectious.

It was good to catch up with Yvonne, who had a display of her small tapestries (Yvonne will be giving a one day “taster” class later this year).

Doing the structure section of OCA’s A Creative Approach (project-9) I assumed using a picture frame as a loom was a stop-gap – a way to give students a taste of weaving without a major investment in equipment. It turns out I’m wrong (not unprecedented, I admit 🙂 ).


This was Yvonne’s loom – a picture frame. You can see the scale she’s working at from the needle in the white warp (a high twist wool – the black is a cotton warp).
yvonne_eade_02On the left are some finished samples – this time the pin heads give the scale. Yvonne was wearing a piece, mounted on perspex (I think), as a broach. Very effective. I’d like to attempt some earrings… or maybe one earring with the design inspired by a really nice handmade glass bead that would make the pair.

I love the details Yvonne’s been able to achieve and the crisp shapes. These are all silk weft I think.

yvonne_eade_03There were also some examples with inclusions. The piece on the right was a little larger, mounted on some card (rag paper with painted tissue on top), and some mohair fibres woven in. I didn’t take a photo of the one with beading, but you can see it on her blog at here.

yvonne_eade_04Yvonne’s use of colour is beautiful. This is another larger piece and the camera on my phone doesn’t come close to doing it justice. The colours just shimmered, providing light and movement. The weft is primarily wool but cotton added. Looking at the photo now I can see some texture in the background, but I was too busy admiring the blending of colour to see it at the time. The top left corner shows some very effective use of colour theory with the red and green enhancing each other.

Working at this scale might seem daunting, but look at how much Yvonne was able to achieve during the business part of the meeting (which was kept brisk and not too long by president Kirry):
We have eccentric (curved) weft and soumak, plus lovely colour. Very rewarding to do in a small pocket of time.

yvonne_eade_06Yvonne does have the advantage of a wonderful palette of colours. She and Marie Clews run a business dyeing and selling yarns and other tapestry-related items at Just a few of these made their way home with me (just a happy customer. I can’t remember the expression – No Commercial Affiliation??).

Anyway, the moral of this story is – it’s the weaver, not the tools. You can do amazing, finished work on a picture frame.


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