Project 10 Stage 3 – part 4

Previously I decided to put my preferred idea for this project to one side and explore other options (see post 11-Jan-2013). I went back through my theme-book, framed out sections of drawings, used mirrors etc, looking for shapes to develop. Even attempting an open mind it was only the sketches directly related to the contorted figure that caught my interest. The aged faces and hands, white daisies and falling leaves just don’t speak to me at the moment.
The result is a new set of drawings on my pinboard.
sketch201301asketch201301bI printed just the outline of photographed shapes, then coloured in using watercolours. My intention was to focus on negative space, but you can see I got distracted. One version shows the figure with a black rot creeping up the limbs. Another is more an experiment with colour, plus the additional draping of fabric that I’ve been considering.
sketch201301dI worked on this A3 page over a week or more. Each vignette is based on lines and marks I found in my earlier sketches, photographs and the printed outlines. The lines were drawn first using crayons, then I used watercolours to “discover” the shapes.
I started using mirrors to further develop some of the vignettes, but decided instead to scan the page and use gimp.
scream_2smlThis is a pretty straight-forward distortion, reminiscent of Munch. Looking at a larger scale, there are some quite interesting textures happening.
scream_1smlThe basis of this one was an open, screaming mouth and teeth. It seems strange to see it so de-identified and contained – which now I come to think of it is pretty appropriate to the entire theme!
bordersmlHere I played around with the colours, then mirroring and repeating. It looks like it could form a lacy border pattern – although there seems to be an angry face in there, which could be off-putting.
scream_kalThis one has only just gone onto the board. I was using mirrors on the original sketches, liked the result but found it tricky to draw while keeping the mirrors in place. Computer and gimp to the rescue! This one is interesting because it’s not perfect and contained – I created the kaleidoscope effect “manually”, rather than using one of the program filters. Also the original source is still very apparent – at least when looking closer. An interesting idea, to have something that appears innocuous at a distance, with a (nasty and jarring) surprise when you look closer.
sketch20130123This is a brush and ink sketch based on the results of the “glass tile” filter (shown in earlier posts and on the board above). While doing this I could really see the gymnast or dancer that Textile Ranger ( mentioned in an earlier comment. I could almost imagine this a stop-frame picture of a high jumper.
I’ve found this “side-excusion” very helpful, really looking at my shapes. It should be useful when I am attempting to create the final shape in felt. Some of the results also have potential to be developed further into cushion covers or edgings or flat wall pieces… except that I still have a problem with the idea of extracting shapes and leaching out all that emotional content. The only context I can see is some kind of Festival of the Dead item or costume where the origins of the design could be still apparent and meaningful.
figure_experimentNow I’m back to working on Plan A – the 3D trapped body. This final image is a photo-montage, using some of the “glass tile” in the background and adding potential colour and pattern to the body shape.
I have had one additional idea – partially crushing the box containing the figure. It would enhance the idea of the binding / crushing / suffocation while making the whole thing a more dynamic shape. If I use a cellophane box it could also add some interesting reflections.
The next step is consideration of materials and colours.

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