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Assignment 4 Reflective Commentary

I’ve spent the last day or so going getting Assignment 4 ready to post (snail mail post, that is). Each assignment the practicalities of that get easier – I reuse folders, have tags and labels ready to go, standard document formats on the computer etc. This means I can focus on reviewing what I’ve done over the last three months, plus the challenging task of editing the material down to fit postage limits. Overall I’m pleased with what I have to show my tutor, I think I have made solid progress – so it will be interesting to get Pat’s feedback since she is very good at blending positive feedback with prods at the soggy bits and suggestions for further stretching.

A review of Project 8 work can be found on 12-Oct-2012. Project 9 is covered on 16-Nov-2012, although that focuses more on the final piece of work. Looking back, major themes for me during the assignment have been trying to work more visually and intuitively (not so easy with the weaving component!), and trying to let go and trust the process we are being taught (sorting yarns, using mood boards, more detailed yarn wrappings…). Concerned that I might relax in my “safe place” of yarns and weaving, I also decided to challenge myself with the materials I used. All of this has made me uncomfortable at times, but I think I’m going in the right direction. The skills and equipment from my weaving past certainly helped, but I stepped well beyond my old boundaries and techniques. I’m excited about future possibilities and exploration.

Photos of all my sketchbook work during this assignment can be seen on this page. I’ve tried to mix up approaches, to keep it fresh, but mainly at the moment it relates to project work or whatever reading I’m doing.

The Research Point was very interesting and I’m continuing reading in the area.

I’ve made a little progress on my themebook – just a few sketches and collecting newspaper articles and comments. It’s mostly been thinking, trying to isolate a particular aspect or focal point. On the other hand I’ve also been trying to keep an open mind, not zero in on anything too quickly. It will be good to concentrate on this in Assignment 5.


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