Nancy’s story

I’m continuing to build my theme book on Ageing. A subset of it is on a page of the blog, but the main book is physical.

As was apparent from my earlier posts here and here, I’ve been quite nervous about some potentially controversial or distressing aspects of my theme. I thought I might touch raw nerves, or get caught in a political / ideological debate.

I didn’t expect, and very much value, the thoughtful comments and personal stories that people have shared with me in comments and emails.

Today I added some material to the separate page – standard disclaimer, please don’t click through if my exploration of the theme Ageing could cause distress or offence: some dark humour about good intentions that missed; some photos of Nancy’s view; and a brief version of Nancy’s story, her journey from home to nursing home, in which I finally use the words I think might be a trigger.

The comments I’ve received have challenged me, helped and/or forced me to think more deeply about this theme. I would be very interested to read more and to understand different views. If you want to read the theme page from the top, click here.

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