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Project 6 Stage 1

It’s Sunday night after a busy weekend – the normal domestic stuff, a day at the Art Gallery enjoying all the special events celebrating the reopening and new hang of the Australian Galleries and (drumroll…) a start on Project 6 – a rush of sketching (starting a new stetchbook page here), through Stage 1 and most of Stage 2.

Project 6 is all about Manipulating Fabric (applied fabric techniques and Raised and structured surface textures). Stage 1 is Preparation – basically preparing some space, sorting fabric into colour groups, and pinning up samples of each type and colour.
My fabric stash is mostly bits and pieces I’ve dyed, scraps from past projects and short lengths bought for various classes. I sorted it into colour groups earlier in the course – a small tub each for the primary and secondary colours, plus some containers for neutrals and multi-coloured. Each tub has a jumble of fabric, a bag of threads, plus two bags of “snippets” (at the front of the photo)- bits of fabric and thread that are too small for anything much on their own, but may be Just Right for something one day.

At first I wasn’t going to do the cutting samples and pinning on a board bit, but then I remembers to Let Go and Trust The Process. Rather than getting lost in all the small bits I focused on synthetic sheers, and was rather surprised at the range I had. I’d have said I was a natural fibres gal. These are the ones where I had a reasonable amount  – say 40cm or more.

I’ve also taken a look along the bookshelves and reading over the next few weeks will be:

Wolff, C. (1996) The Art of Manipulating Fabric, Krause Publications. This is on the course list, but I actually bought (and part read!) a few years back.

Beaney, J. & Littlejohn, J. (1999) Bonding and Beyond, Double Trouble Enterprises. Purchased last year for the course.

McGehee, L.F. (1998) Creating texture with textiles, Krause Publications.

Beal, M. (2005) Fusing fabric: creative cutting, bonding and mark-making with the soldering iron, B T Batsford

The books I’ve paused over but left on the shelf relate to creating fabric with texture, through weaving and felting. Definitely extracurricular – but so much potential. Clicking on the thumbnail of a cream scarf in collapse weave will take you to my post in October 2009 with all the detail.

The felting on the right was done in pre-blog days – the small orange/green bowl in a class with Jorie Johnson. Tempting – but most definitely not at the price of another 6 month marathon assignment!


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