Assignment 1 Reflective Commentary

Looking back through the Assignment work, selecting what to send to my tutor, I am happy with what I have achieved.  I can already see progress and improvement in my work and I’m excited about the path ahead. I can see that the course is introducing and building on concepts in a measured way and it’s just this kind of structure that I was looking for in my learning. One constant has been feeling the need to keep moving and to jump! even when there was more that I wanted to do. That has continued during the (literal) wrap-up of this Assignment, which has taken longer than I wanted or expected and even so is not as considered or complete as I would like.

From being unsure about the meaning of “mark-making” I have become much more aware of the marks and textures I see around me. I am continuing to grow in confidence in using a range of media in my sketchbook, although the daily discipline has slipped a little while focusing on assignment work. While every aspect would benefit from continued practice, I would like to push myself to use collage more.

Stitching has not been a major focus for me in the past. Once I loosened up I found it more engaging and enjoyable than I expected. I was pleased with some of the work, particularly the stage 3 sample. Stage 6 was very difficult largely because I felt I hadn’t been challenging and pushing myself enough earlier. It was a valuable experience – I feel I learnt a lot, partly about stitching but more about taking risks and letting go of control.

I haven’t completed the research points of reviewing textile exhibitions. I expect to have opportunities to do this in the next few weeks.

Working on the assignment has allowed me to reconsider my level of knowledge and expertise in textiles. I tend to see myself as generally inexperienced, a latecomer to the field. However I’ve found I know at least a little about quite a lot, and I think it would be useful to recognise and value my experience more.

The assignment has also led me to review my general work methods and time management. My work area has become more organised over the past couple of months. I have always kept work notes and reflected on progress and outcomes of  my various projects, and those habits are adapting to the new requirements. I’m going to try reading ahead more carefully to see if that improves my understanding of the requirements in each stage. I also want to keep track more carefully of the wider reading I do, both related to the particular assignments and on textile subjects generally.

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