Project 1 Stage 2 done (pretty much)


Well, maybe not so much. But enough to be getting on with. I suspect that in this course there will always be more that could be done, but also the need to keep moving.

It may say too much about me that Angry is one of my favourite expressive efforts, possibly balanced by the need to express two kinds of happiness.

Happy (excited); Happy (contented)

Watercolour and ink wash over wax pencil, wax crayon and paintstik

I’ve done more drawing and painting in the last two weeks than in the rest of my life – and I wouldn’t be totally surprised if that was literally, as well as figuratively, true. I had trouble figuring out the very first steps of painting with watercolour – like how to pick up paint with the brush, how to add water at different times and what difference it makes, even how to wash a brush. Thank goodness for youtube!

All the experimentation is fun. In fact one of the work habits I’m beginning to develop is use of a countdown timer. I set it for an hour a time – when it bips it’s time for a stretch, change of focus, hang out the washing, whatever. Otherwise I’d get totally absorbed until I noticed the muscle cramp.

I’ll leave the full rundown to the end of the project, which has a set of reflective questions to work through. I’d actually hoped to get there this weekend, but knew it was optimistic. There is just so much to learn and try. Yesterday I was able to borrow ArtEffects by Jean Drysdale Green from the ATASDA library. It’s the suggested additional reading for the project and there is just an incredible amount in it. Which I simply don’t have time for if I am to get Assignment 1 done anywhere near mid-October (current goal). My cunning plan (!) is to keep moving on the project work, but play with the ArtEffects ideas in my daily sketchbook entries (which very nearly are daily so far, except on days when I’m drawing/painting anyway for the project, making it (the sketchbook) redundant and this (sentence) convoluted and long).

More – much more! – of my mark-making efforts can be seen here.



1 Response to “Project 1 Stage 2 done (pretty much)”

  1. 1 Meg in Nelson September 5, 2011 at 7:08 am

    I’m starting to get slightly lost in the complicated structure of your blow now, but my, my, lovely fabulous marks. I feel like doing some, TODAY!

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