Making a start

Making a start

This post has a couple of purposes. One is that the OCA course notes ask for a brief note of what I hope for from the course.

The secondary purpose is to try out a new-to-me feature of blogging – the More tag. I’m hoping this will make it easy to skim read the blog – get a sense of each post, able to see more if you’re interested, but not be immediately faced with reams of student angst or multitudes of photos which may be fascinating to me but could have a certain sameness to them in the eyes of anyone else.

Why start the OCA course? What do I hope to achieve? (and what about the fear?)

  • purposeful explorations. I love learning, but tend to skitter around from one thing to the next, with no building.
  • new skills, particularly in design.
  • learn ways of expressing myself, of being more “real “in some way.
  • incorporate weaving in the work – I like the physical act, the feeling of creation, the rhythm. I looked at Master Weaver programs but would find only frustration in multiple weavings of overshot trying to get that perfect square.
  • improve/train my memory – by practice and usage, by learning to use tools such as a sketchbook, also by providing a framework to hold and connect different ideas
  • wouldn’t have been in an earlier list: learn more about what others are doing, both textile work and writing/thinking about textiles. An early benefit of the course is that I subscribed to Textile: the journal of cloth & culture. Just so, so, SO exciting and fascinating.
  • Do things I wouldn’t have thought to do myself.

I added the question above about fear. There’s fear of failure. Fear of exposing oneself to others (eg right now 🙂 ). Fear that I don’t have the talent or skills required. Maybe fear that if I just searched a bit more I’d find an even more perfect-for-me course. Fear that I’ll distort my explorations to meet externally imposed requirements, rather than follow my own muse.

I’m not actually too fearful of any of those things – not enough to stop me or worry me unduly. For example, I’m doing this to learn skills – what would be the point if I already had them? And I want to use and develop the talent and creativity I have, regardless of whether that is large or small compared to others. To be frank, it’s all about me! Also I came across a newspaper article the other day – “Courage can get pupils through academic blues” by Kim Arlington. It’s about work by Professor Andrew Martin, who has found that courageous students, who persevere despite difficulties, doubts or anxieties, can do as well as confident students. I don’t do confident, but I like the idea of courageous.


3 Responses to “Making a start”

  1. 1 Meg in Nelson September 5, 2011 at 6:48 am

    Finally peace of mind to read this thread. I’m curious to know more about your course, and I LOVE peeking into other people’s sketchbooks.

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