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Restless Knitter mentioned seeing what I’m going to do with the dyed yarns. Hmm. Yes. Well…

There isn’t A Plan as such. It’s more swirling possibilities. I like this part where anything is possible, and all the possibilities wonderful. I know I want to learn more about colour, and to me it makes sense to focus on that and keep with a structure in which I have at least some experience.  Blog reading provides lots of inspiration/aspiration (note: “inspiration” doesn’t mean these are the only people doing such work. They are weavers I admire, whose blogs I follow, and who have shown items that have stuck in my mind):

  • Painted warp

    Maybe select some colours for warp stripes, dye/paint  other stripes of warp using the same (? or other) colours. Inspired by Bonnie Tarses. Relevant experience from warp painting with Linda Coffil (although that was warp-faced plain weave, not what I want now since I’m interested in colour interaction between warp and weft).

  • Painted warp plus supplementary threads

    Add complexity to plain weave with different texture threads. Inspired by Daryl Lancaster. Relevant experience another warp created in Linda’s workshop. Clearly I’m in pre-school and Daryl post-graduate in this.

  • Huck lace

    Colour interaction in lace. Inspired by Cally Booker. Relevant experience scarves in huck lace and my swedish lace sampler.

  • "Freestyle rosepath" runner

    A mix of plainweave and rosepath with areas on inlay. Inspired by Susan Johnson. Relevant experience my various experiments with “freestyle rosepath”.

  • double weave

    Double weave. I don’t have a specific inspiration, but relevant experience was the scarf done in Liz Calnan’s class.

  • 8 shaft colour & weave

    Colour and weave. Inspired by Meg Nakagawa. Relevant experience:  samplers on 4 shafts and 8 shafts.

No decision as yet, although this review has helped me focus on the need to give myself the opportunity to learn. The sophisticated work of experienced weavers can be inspirational/aspirational, but they have invested in and built their skills. I need to do the same – build the colour knowledge I want before I try to apply it.

Swedish lace sampler

At this point I’m leaning towards a lace sampler. Having experimented with mixing colours when dyeing, it would be interesting to see the same colours mixed optically in warp and weft. From what I’ve read/heard/seen I’d expect a red warp/yellow weft combination to give a more lively or complex visual effect than using orange warp and weft which happen to be based on the same red and yellow dyes. A layout like the sampler would give me areas of plain weave and lace (not necessarily swedish lace), and a colour gamp arrangement would give a lot of information. The dyeing triangle I’ve just finished (should have a photo tomorrow) really excites me. Ideas percolating….

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