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Breaking the ice with colour play

Yellow 4G, Blue 5G & Rhodamine

Yellow 2R, Blue 2R & Red G

Aren’t they pretty? I’ve got a big box of white 20/2 silk yarn and am slowly turning it into 25 g cakes of shimmering colour.

2010 has not turned out according to plan. On the plus side, I’m no longer a plus size! I’m not quite at “normal” yet (as defined by a government information site), but it’s getting close (thank you Lane Cove Curves). I’m walking without pain and energy levels are way, way up. Among some of the year’s minuses – well, a selection of the challenges we all face from time to time. Nothing too dreadful, but time consuming and draining. Things settled and I started playing with yarns again a while back, but blogging (reading and writing) has taken longer.

The photos are OK but not wonderful in terms of being true to life. I’m using Lanaset dyes mainly, with Sandolan Rhodamine for the strong fuchsia. I’ve used Lanaset since 2005 (I found an old invoice in the box), but the Rhodamine is new to me. I should have read the instructions (which suggest a maximum of 2% DOS – depth of shade) first, because I used 3% DOS and the rhodamine didn’t come close to exhausting and didn’t rinse clear. So that’s a definite drat – I’ll have to be very careful about how I use that set, and expect the finished item(s) to run.

I guess from the photo setup you can get the idea of the colour mixing I’m doing. Three unmixed colours at the vertices of the triangles, with combinations of two dyes along each edge and all three in the interior.

I’m still turning over possibilities for some end uses. I’ve found lots of inspiration while catching up on my blog reading 🙂 The idea will be to follow up the mixing of dye colours with the optical colour mixing of warp/weft/structure in the weaving.  I’m not going to do anything as risky as planning or (gulp!) making resolutions, but I’m hoping for lots of yarn, lots of colour and lots of learning ahead!


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