Surfacing and swedish lace review

I’ve been pulled hither and thither lately, have a number of nearly finished projects and the mess in my work area had gone from creatively releasing and exciting to mind numbing and confusing. So this morning I did enough tidying to let me work without constantly moving things around and the energy is already rising.

Today is Australia Day and we’re going to visit friends soon for the traditional barbecue, but I have a little pocket of time to answer some questions from Vivian about the swedish lace sampler blogged here.

Here’s a part of the threading, tie up and treadling. It was intended to create squares of pattern, but mine turned out rectangles. Just add as many pattern squares as you need for your piece.

Warp and weft are 22/2 cottolin, sett 16 ends per inch. I didn’t record the on-the-loom measurements, but got around 10% shrinkage between off-loom and finished. I suggest sampling yourself before undertaking a large project. The finished sampler is 34.5cm wide (about 13.5 inches), with 5 colour stripes. It’s a nice, light airy cloth. I’d like it as a scarf. I haven’t woven a lot of towels (just the summer and winter ones, which are very thick), so don’t know if this would be suitably absorbent and sturdy. Certainly the fringe I used would have to go!

I’ve used this sampler quite a bit when planning other pieces, especially the interaction of two colours and the impact of similar or very different values (lightness or darkness, which seems to be more important than hue – green, purple etc).

Vivian, I think towels in two colours would be lovely. I’m sure I’ve seen projects for tablecloths like that. Good luck with your project and weaving group.

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  1. 1 trapunto January 27, 2010 at 2:12 am

    I’ll be interested to see how the “nearlies” turn out. Tidying does the same thing for me.

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