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Off loom weaving

June to September was tricky time-wise for me, andĀ  for a couple of months the looms were empty. However it wasn’t totally without weaving.

20091106_bagThis little treasure pouch is about 9 x 15 cm (say 3.5 x 6 inches). It was made on a piece of cardboard with some notches cut in to hold the warp, using instructions in Kids Weaving by Sarah Swett (on Amazon here). Rather than using a yarn needle to weave in the weft, I wrapped some tape around the end of the yarn to stiffen it and just used my fingers. I took the pouch and a bag of supplies to a family lunch as an activity for my nieces and nephews, but the cousins were having so much fun running around together that we didn’t get to it. Perhaps another day – one in particular I think might enjoy it, though the others might find it a bit slow.

20091106_feltcardsThe second off-loom project was really more felting – but still with a weaving element so I’m counting it! I needed to send some thank you cards. I used some merino wool top that I dyed and carded a year or two back. Each colour fibre was laid out separately and made into sheets of pre-felt (meaning the fibres are lightly tangled/felted so it holds together, but there’s still a lot of shrinkage and toughening up to go). Then I cut up each sheet into strips, and it was like weaving with paper in primary school. Finally I carefully finished felting each woven square – you can see some bits went a bit haywire.

The cards went to thank fibre-y folkĀ  who had donated prizes for an ATASDA raffle. Diane Groenewegen is a very accomplished textile artist (her ATASDA member gallery page is here), and when I visited her studio on an open-day my card was pinned up on display (reflected glory!). Another recipient of my little cards was Beatrice Jackson, also an ATASDA member and a wonderful weaver – Beatrice and some of her work can be seen here. ATASDA is lucky to have members who are not only incredibly gifted in their own work, but also willing to support the group plus encourage relative newbies like me.


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