Freestyle scarf

20091024_freestyle1Still in catchup recording mode – I wove this scarf back at the beginning of June.

Cottolin warp in silver-grey and black. Allsorts weft – hand-dyed silk yarns of different weights, torn strips of tissue silk, some early spinning efforts, oddments from the thrums bag and lots more.

20091024_freestyle4Class technique went out the window. This section was so much fun. Wildly varying beat, using a fork to bubble weft up and create loops then dragging up previous areas  forming voids.

I tried to use a fibre or colour or technique a few times along the scarf to get some sense of overall unity.

20091024_freestyle5I included some clasped weft (if you’re not familiar with that, Kaz Madigan has a great video tutorial here.). This shot also shows some twill, a section of plain weave using fabric, and the bottom part has clumps of silk throwsters waste included here and there. Unevn selvedges increase the air of spontaneity.

This was a joy to weave. After stressful workdays I could refocus, narrow my focus, let go, respond to the small section of cloth developing in front of me.

The end result is long (227 cm – about 90 inches) and narrow (14cm), so lots of draping possibilities. It’s almost as much fun to wear as it was to weave 🙂

Although I’m in review mode there is other weaving activity afoot. 20091024_huck2The big loom has a warp almost on, for the first time in months. And what’s that in the background? 20091024_ashford

My new Ashford 8 shaft table loom! Nestled inside is a cone of new-to-me yarn, mulberry silk chenille from Beautiful Silks.  I plan to christen the new loom with a sampler warp to tryout the chenille.

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