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Loom malfunction

Words to strike fear into any weaver’s heart! I started the weekend with a block of time marked out and determination to make progress. I was taking control of my life. After a couple of frustrating months I was regaining balance and living my priorities. I was talking to myself in italics and I should know that is never a good thing!

loom_malfunctionAfter a strong start, this. It’s a small thing. A wire end has worked loose of the crimp. Therefore shaft 11 doesn’t lift.

It doesn’t look too hard to fix – just a new crimp the appropriate size and suitable tools to remove the old and attach the new. The hardware store has nothing suitable for this gauge wire. I have some hopes of success at a fishing tackle place or a jewellery findings store, both of which can be found near my workplace – on the other side of the weekend.


Liz Calnan exhibition

Liz Calnan, my weaving teacher, currently has an exhibition on at the Palm House in the Botanic Gardens in Sydney. There are only a couple of days left (it closes May 13), but definitely worth getting there if you can.
Liz does beautiful work. She won Best in Show at the Living with Beauty exhibition last year, and her winning piece can be seen in her current show. Liz uses a wide range of fibres and weave structures, and often dyes her yarns before weaving.
Liz is sharing the exhibition with Heather Calnan who works in enamels.

calnanI went with some birthday money¬† – some waiting for the right opportunity for over a year(!) – and here is the haul. A silk scarf, weft dyed in shades of blue, warp going from yellow-green through teal to a warm blue and almost to mauve (unfortunately the flash reflection from the silk wiped out some of the colour in the photo). It’s a 16 shaft block twill, 20/2 silk, and gorgeous. Plus a large bookmark, also silk, in double weave – one warp and weft undyed, the other going through ochres and blue with I think a lightish blue weft. It’s hard to tell with the colour interactions. Finally, a small enamelled plate or dish made by Heather (Liz’s mother in law).

So many, many thanks to all my family who contributed to my gifts!

Weaving class has been on pause while Liz prepared for the exhibition, apart from one get-together a couple of weeks ago. My weaving productivity has been virtually nil, but this weekend I finally got the Noble loom warped and a sample is drying. I’m hoping to finish before class restarts next week….


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