Summer and winter towels done

muttaburrasaurus_doneTa-dah! The towels I wrote about here are finally done. As Lynette commented, the colour blocks show really well – and I think to a ringer the connection would be immediately apparent.

It’s taken me a while to do the finishing. Partly because I’m back at work after the summer holidays, but mostly having trouble figuring out how to finish the ends.



I planned to have some plain weave at each end, but it flared out really badly. (Does anyone have a suggestion for preventing this? – the plain weave was wider than the summer and winter area). I ended picking out the machine-stitched hem, which I thought would be more durable, and hand hemming. I did use the machine to stitch the method name on the hanging tag.

With experience from these “full-scale samples” I’m keen to do more with this idea. Petlins, my local weaving shop (and how lucky I am in Australia to have one!!), reopened this week so I have stocked up on some more traditional colours for the next batch of teatowels.  Language question – here a “teatowel” is a cloth used to dry dishes when washing up. Is that the standard meaning elsewhere?

8 Responses to “Summer and winter towels done”

  1. 1 Sue February 1, 2009 at 9:58 am

    The towels are beautiful!! I love the colors and the weave structure.

    I was just looking at Laura’s blog and it had twill towels with different twill used for the hem – to tackle the problem of plain weave hems being too wide.

    (I remember that post because I just finished some towels that had too wide hems too!)


  2. 2 Lynnette February 1, 2009 at 3:20 pm

    Your finished towels look fantastic, you must be pleased. I’ve got summer and winter threading on my table loom right now and find it very satisfying to weave. Now I’m in limbo trying to find something to tickle my fancy for my floor loom.

  3. 3 Sheila February 4, 2009 at 1:38 am

    Wonderful towels!
    Every weavers blog that I look at both intimidates and inspires me. I’ll keep practicing!!!

  4. 4 trapunto February 5, 2009 at 11:54 am

    Marvelous! And marvelous pictures. It looks as if you set up some sort of a light box?

    In the western US we use “tea towel” and “dish towel” interchangeably. Dish towel might imply slightly more of a printed-terry-cloth-from-the-drugstore sort of a thing, while tea towels may also be pretty and dainty. But that could just be my take on it. Interesting subject. I learned most of my housekeeping habits from my granny, who always kept two towels hanging up in the kitchen: a heavy one for hands and a lighter cotton or linen one for dishes. There ought to be a name for each kind. I’ve seen old towel hooks that are labeled china, silver, and glass.

  5. 5 ladyoftheloom February 14, 2009 at 12:18 am

    I really enjoy the Summer and Winter project that I am working on at the studio. Your tea towels are lovely.

    About the hems, I have had the “flaring” problem too. The only thing I have found to make a difference is to weave the plain weave ends in a smaller thread. I used 10/2 for the body of the towel and 20/2 for the hem area.


  6. 6 ReluctantDragon February 14, 2009 at 4:57 pm

    Just last night I finished warping up my loom for my first foray into summer & winter, so seeing others projects done in that weave particularly catches my attention right now. Yours looks so neat! And so different from the traditional summer & winter.

    I’ve also done the finer thread in the hem method ladyoftheloom suggested. The other thing I’ve done before is simply angle in that corner, and iron in that tiny fold. Then that fold gets folded in when you make the hem folds. It doesn’t seem to show too badly on the towels I’ve done that on.

    I’m in the US and grew up mostly with “dishtowel”, “kitchen towel”, or “dishcloth”. Although I’m getting fairly accustomed to hearing it now, for awhile “teatowel” sounded rather foreign (though I knew what it was – and yes, it does mean the same thing here). I do tend to hear it more from people in non-US places like Australia, the UK, some European countries, etc. I think they might use “teatowel” more often up in Canada too, but I’m not sure.

    I just found out a few weeks ago when talking to a weaver in New Zealand that we could confuse things because of the fact that we use the words “rug” and “afghan” differently LOL It was rather amusing to sort out the differences. It’s amazing how many language differences there can be just between the various english speaking countries! Or even between different regions of some of those countries LOL

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