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Trapunto of The Straight of the Goods and Susan of Thrums tagged me  to show the sixth photo in the sixth photo folder. Sounds easy enough… except only four photos in the sixth folder. Sorted folders by date… Photo I took for the blog so you’ve already seen it. Reversed order… sixth photo is someone else’s sample from a felting workshop – don’t want to use that without permission. Sorted photos in size order… etc. Finally we have (drum roll?)

photo_memeMy son Tad and one of my nieces, taken in 2004 on the deck at the back of the house. We hosted a family dinner for my sister’s birthday in January. It was also a late Christmas gathering for that branch of the family (Rae’s husband is from New Zealand and they go there every second Christmas). My niece is waving the feathery fan which was part of my late Christmas present to her – very moulty, very pink, and not very dye-fast. I was finding little pink stains around the place for days (sorry Rae!).

How things change. This is my latest photo of Tad. tad_formal
All dressed up in his first suit and on his way to his school formal. Bad lighting and peculiar expression because he was that mixture of tolerant / condescending / impatient that 16 year old boys produce when they think their mother is fussing. Although comparing, his expression hasn’t changed much –  though the rest of him has (193 cm last measure and still counting – that’s 6′ 4″ old style).

I won’t pass the tag along – feel free to join in if you’d like!

Talking of clever young people, last night I went to the launch of Texstyle, an annual exhibition which showcases major textile works of students of Textiles and Design in the NSW Higher School Certificate (the culmination of school, to be followed by university / work / travel…). There was some really lovely work although no weaving that I could see. After the formal presentation part they asked students to stand beside their own work. I thought it could be awkward, but they were a very proud, excited and articulate group of young women, very capable of discussing inspiration, techniques, materials, and future plans. I can’t find photos of this year’s exhibits, but here are some from last year.


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