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Loom progress

sleep + focus + small steps = progress!

It was quite quick in the end. Step 1 was the hardest for me – doing nothing and leaving it alone until I had time and a fresh mind.

Step 2 – A cup of good coffee and a long, careful examination of every photo I had of the loom – some from Kaz, some mine. Foreground and background, I made sure I recognised every part, getting up and checking on the part-built loom when I wasn’t sure. I wanted to be as sure as I could be that this time I would get it right.

Only then did I pick up spanner and screwdriver. It didn’t need a full disassembly after all. The actual work was under an hour, and all the parts were in place.

There was one more hiccough to come. I plugged in and connected the computer but couldn’t get any diagnostics. The software reported the com port open, but all the other menu items were greyed out. A quick email to Kaz solved that – all I had to do was start treadling! In shades and tones of the emperor’s new clothes, I happily treadled a lovely design in air, watching the shafts rise and practising the slightly sharp tap of the foot to help them fall.

The photos show before and after. Yes, the room is very pink. In some lights it feels like sitting inside a strawberry. My workroom was formerly known as the dining room and had a little sitting area at one end. The loom takes up about a quarter of the space and is beautiful, even in pink.


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