Project 2 – twill sampler

Our second class project was a twill sampler in cotton. Hmm… you may note the artful cropping of the photo. This most definitely falls into the “learning experience” category.

This project introduced floating selvedges and the importance of detail (where to start a pattern) and various ways of writing weaving on paper – british, american, swedish… Liz gave us some lifting plans, then let us loose with a copy of M.P. Davison.

Looking at my sample now I still find it amazing that there are so many possibilities in every aspect of weaving. It’s as if I’d never seen cloth before. Last week I changed seats on the bus home so I could sit behind someone and look closely at their coat (still have no idea how it was done – a houndstooth on a huge scale with different weight yarns).

I really like having the dark stripe on one side of the sampler, displaying lots of textural possibilities.

Possibilities – that word again. I’m sitting at the computer, stroking the cloth I made (!) and smiling at the thought of the world I have to explore.

4 Responses to “Project 2 – twill sampler”

  1. 1 Kaz July 9, 2008 at 8:05 am

    Judy the blog is fantastic – the photos look great too! congratulations!

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